Era of We

Era of We is transparency

About Us

The power of teamwork

Era of We believes in the power of sharing knowledge to help others succeed. It will be a group effort to make the coffee industry a livable career for all.

We want to secure the future of the coffee industry by building a community who believes in the power of transparency and collaboration.


Our Mission

Connect and empower our partners bound by chemistry to generate shared value, new revenue streams and ultimately, provide an unmatched coffee experience for the people of the world

Our Vision

To be the leader of a global movement, with the most connected coffee community in the world.

The purpose of Era of We

Era of We aims to increase coffee farmer income by connecting their sustainability engagement all the way to the coffee in your cup.


The voice of coffee that fights to rebalance rewards


We aim to solve the filtering dilemma between producers and consumers


A successful partnership program that creates visibility and business growth for our partners


A price system with multiple opportunities for farmers

Change Begins Here

What are the best sustainability practices for coffee farms? Explore various sustainability practices and how farms can plan ahead

Team work

Anti corruption and anti bribery

The voice of coffee that fights to rebalance rewards

Team work

Discrimination against individuals

No individual is discriminated based on sexual orientation, age, race, color, nationality, ethnic origin, religion, beliefs, disability, or marital status.

Team work

Human rights and labour

We are committed to acting ethically and with integrity in all our business relationships, and will not stand for child labour and/or modern slavery with any of our partners.

Team work

Legal and ethical compliance

Era of We conducts its business in compliance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations.

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