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With our EUDR & sustainability cloud solution roasters can manage information from suppliers and share reports with customers - all in one place.

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Trace the coffee journey, from bean to cup

Honor those that grow your coffee and the countless people behind each cup you drink.


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A platform built by coffee lovers for coffee lovers to share their passion with the world.


Flavia & Luiz Rodrigues

Fazenda California

We understand that through this platform, Fazenda California will be able to expand its boundaries of learning, relationships, new experiences, benchmarking, and it will be an excellent opportunity to strengthen our employer brand and strengthen ties and establish long-lasting partnerships founded on transparency and trust.


Luiz Paulo

AMA Coffee Producer

To be honest, Era of We is creating a new era for the coffee. Now, it will be much easier when people want to check the information and history of the producer all of that will be there. I really like the idea and I want to be a part of this game.


Fredrik Nilsson

CCO Sweden - Löfbergs

Roasters and roaster clients are constantly on the lookout for new and exciting coffee producer and products to enhance their own brand to give consumers the best possible experience – unique, delicious coffee with a traceable story